I attended the Muscular Therapy Institute in 1989-1990 , transferred to the Massage Institute of New England in 1990, graduated from there in 1991.

I met my husband, Rhuen Phreed, in 1991, shortly before I graduated. He was a gifted business person and knew that I loved Massage Therapy. He created and built my business paradigm so that I could thrive.

First and foremost, he came up with the name Massage Therapy for Women, because we both felt that it was important to build a practice where I could focus on women’s particular needs and health issues. Rhuen and I believed that the best way for people to get the most benefit from massage therapy was to receive one on a regular basis. He developed the concept of the discount coupon booklet, as well as multiple other discount programs and incentives to make massage therapy more affordable for people.

He created all the marketing pieces, desktop publishing, record keeping etc.. In the 1990s and early 2000s, Rhuen pounded the pavement putting flyers on cars , doorways and posters on posterboards throughout the area.

We changed the name to Thompson Massage Therapy a few years back, shortly after my office moved to the Back Bay. With the onset of online marketing and websites, plus my pipeline was pretty well filled, Rhuen no longer had to walk the city to spread the word.

Rhuen loved being part of this business we created together and loved that I was able to make a living doing the thing I love most, Massage Therapy.

My beloved husband Rhuen Phreed passed away suddenly on December 21, 2018.

I miss him greatly, but his love for me and the business we created continues. He was very proud to be part of both.